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Pendular Pocket - Backback - natural
Pendular Pocket - Backback - natural

Pendular Pocket - Backback - natural


* Medium size and very comfy basic backpack, made out of washable cellulose-based material, ideal as everyday complement, but also to travel around cities, or go out at night. Because it is very light and keeps your hands free.
* Adjustable and removable round strap. 
* Stitched piece, lined with natural organic cotton. You can wash it in the washing machine, short program at 30 degrees it would be a good choice.
* The base is reinforced with double stitched ribbon
* Measurements 20x12x30cm

This product is eco friendly and cruelty free, respectful with the environment. 

The Paper Collection is made out of a unique material which looks like paper or leather, depends on how you treat it. This material consists of a paper-plastic mixture (cellulose and latex) and can be washed in the washing machine. It is cruelty free. The material contains no pentachlorophenol, PVC or BPA and is neither harmful to the environment nor to health.
This material is absolutely tear-resistant. Its surface is abrasion resistant and does not form lint or nodules. It is made in Germany and It is accredited by Oeko-Tex, which tests for harmful substances.
Composition consists of more than 60% cellulose. The remaining ingredients are color pigments and latex. The cellulose is obtained from trees from northern European, sustainably managed forests (mostly spruces).
As you can see in the descriptive images, this material is not uniform nor has plain colours. It may has some "imperfections" which adds to our items some texture and a plus of beauty.

Care: The best way you can clean up your bag or wallet is with a cotton cloth, clean and a little bit wet. Then, gently apply it and clean over the surface of the piece.